Every journey ends where it began.

Photographic Thesis is a 2nd year course in which NAIT Photographic Technology students such as I choose a topic based on strong personal interest or area of specialty.  I spent months brainstorming several different ideas for thesis topics. In the end I knew that the photographs I love capturing involve people and landscapes. Thus Wanderlust was born.

Each Thesis had to consists of a pre-determined 15-20 photographs based on a specific topic or theme. The inspiration behind my Thesis topic was derived from the definition of the word "Wanderlust" (n.) A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world. My story takes place on my two month solo backing adventure around Europe last summer. Highlighting on breathtaking vast landscapes, combined with powerful portraits captured of lone travellers. 

This journey would not have been possible from the love and support of both family and and friends who helped me out along the way. This project helped me dive deeper into understanding not only myself, but more so other people and places around me. If my story helps share anything to the world I wish it to encourage at least one person to drop everything, strap on a backpack and just go...

I hope you enjoy.

100 Acre Woods - Eastbourne, United Kindgom

Red Telephone Box - Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Seven Sisters - Eastbourne, United Kingdom

London Minute - London, United Kingdom

London Overground - London, United Kingdom

Red Light District - Amsterdam, Netherlands

National Museum - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fly - Berlin, Germany

East Side Gallery - Berlin, Germany

Sunset Spliff - Berlin, Germany

Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe - Berlin, Germany

Tremptower Park - Berlin, Germany

Seaside Scarlet - Dugio Otok Island, Croatia

Long Way Up - Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Falls - Plitvice Lakes Natioal Park, Croatia

 Island Sunset - Vis Island, Croatia

Sorrow Sunrise - Vis Island, Croatia

Island Sunrise - Vis Island, Croatia

Long Way Home - Vis Island Croatia