Individual Project 2 - Eternal Element

Eternal Element is an exploration of artistic visions to embody the four Classical Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water through creative photographic practices. Combining the use of experiential ultraviolet visual techniques to enhance each underlying individual aesthetic, this body of work questions human existence and becomes enriched by and essence of an astrological presence. 

For my final major Individual Project 2 - Creative Advertising graduation course at Griffith University, Queensland College of Art (QCA) I decided to take an approach based on a photographic art practice I have been evolving with my High School Photography Teacher and the Night Photography Students of Ross Sheppard High School over the last several years. 

In a combination of working with amazing creative individuals, superb gear, precision, development and refinement of techniques envolving fluorescent reactant mediums, a team of new friends as model's helped me within  inspiration towards bringing these portraits to life. I approached my year-long Individual project with confidence and fell short of receiving the letter grade I would have hoped... But you win some, and you lose some in life. In doing so, I earned my University's most distinguished Graduation Photographic recognition the 2017 SUNSTUDIOS Award: Presented to the student whose work best demonstrates, technical excellence and conceptual depth within any of the three photography majors.

Throughout my last year in Australia I have challenged myself, personally, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively just name a few of many.

I have had difficulty finding time for myself, my studies, and my passion behind the camera more challenging than ever. Attending an academic Fine Art University studying a Bachelor of Photography Degree has been entirely different than that of my previous technical hands-on Photographic Technology Diploma back home at NAIT. Converting my learning style has been the biggest challenge for myself. Ttime spent behind the computer screen has become devoted to endless Art Theory related essays, reading analysis', and in-depth research into everything I could think of besides my actual art of photography. In doing so, I have learned about Art as a whole. Walking through the History of Western Art, and the Musings Of Modern Art, I now find myself embracing everything and everyone that comes along with the mindset of a true Artist. QCA has inspired me in more ways than one to create and recognize, that real beauty of an artist can lay deep beneath the frame of an artwork, or in my case a photograph. In doing so I have devoted this past year to become an passionate artist that I had never imagined I could be,

This whole experience has been a whirlwind of emotions and excitement, and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with you all shortly. 

I hope you enjoy this body of work.