Philippines 2017

Here is a look at my journey to the Philippines!  It was here where my adventure would start for one month before I headed down under to begin my new Aussie life. This whole experience from start to finish was incredibly powerful and completely wonderful. The people I connected with is truly what made it so special. Here I found some old familiar faces from my prior month spent in 2015, as well many new and loving individuals whom I had the ultimate pillage crossing paths with to explore this unique and diverse country deeper than before. It's crazy how far away from home you can be in country nothing like your own yet feel so at home. That's the Philippines for me. 


My journey started back in at my Dad's in Manila nthe booming Country's Capital. This busy city's energy is exuberant and exciting. Being able to reconnect with my old local m friends was just fantastic. Little time was wasted in the City and started my travels just a few days later. 


This collection of photos starts off in Bohol, home of the famous Chocolate Hills, alongside my new Spanish soulmates I met at my hostel.  We traveled together for a week around Bohol. We saw Tarsiers (Little Cute Monkeys) and breath takingbeaches with mouth watering food. A ferry to Siquijour came next where we lounged aside our beach cottages, and explored waterfalls and the mysterious Island for a few days.


We then all linked up with my local friends and spent the week in Dumaguete diving and exploring the abundance of life on Apo Island, enjoying hot springs and some more additional delicious cuisine. During the time here I completed my Advanced SCUBA certificate which allows me to now to do deeper and more challenging dives. While partaking in this course I had the  pleasure to explore the world of underwater photography with some of the Philippines most successful underwater photographers. (Think I have found my calling in life). 


After Dumaguete I joined my new Canadian crew I met in Siargao for some wicked sun and surf. Siargao was something completely different for me, and more that I could have ever expected. The local vibe is deeply connected with travellers and the entire lifestyle on the Island is what I can't wait to return to in December. We spent a week here island hoping, surfing and letting loose. The souls captured of these individuals are some of my favourite photos I have ever taken. 


I ended my journey returning to Palawan my very favourite destination last visit. El Nido was my one happy place I had to return to. Though the diving was completely fantastic the unfortunate results of over commercialization dude to El Nido being nominated one of the worlds most beautiful islands. This has inhabited this one quaint and peaceful place into a money hungry tourist trap. Though still once of my favourite places in the world. I escaped the crowds and ended my trip worth some insane wreck diving in Coron linking back up my local bestie and my new Colombian brother! The weather was amazing the diving ever better. The unique landscape of Palawan has me hooked and will for sure head back one day soon. 


Leaving the Philippines I had no clue what the future would hold for me in Australia. But was I sure ever ready for whatever it was that would come next after having this exuberant and eye-opening adventure.... Many more to soon follow.