Indonesia 2017

I departed Indonesia at the beginning of November to complete another amazing travel experience with my Sister Brittany, Brother-In-Law Tyler, and my Dad, Gary. Indonesia was quite different than many of the other Asian countries I have traveled to. I found it quite a bit more expensive due to the prevalence of the high Australian tourism culture that inhabits this majestic and serene island of Bali.  

The journey started in Kuta  (Luckily, we missed the volcanic eruption of Mount Agung just days after our trip) being reunited with my sister, brother, and father after nearly over a year was so delightful and comforting. We spent the day relaxing alongside Bali’s more touristic destination, Drinking Bintang beer and watching the sunset while catching few waves. I assure you no time was wasted and we headed straight for Gilli Islands.

I have been to a lot of Islands in my life, but the Gili Trwawangan offered for myself the perfect balance of peace, party and above all one of the coolest dive communites I have ever come across. The family of Gilli Divers became a quick home for me and I would recommend anyone stopping by to please say hello. The highlight was a night dive where we headed into the sea with the only source of light being a single torch. Near the end of the dive, we shut off the light and entire sea became illuminated by bioluminescent plankton as you moved. It was like being an avatar underwater, just unbelievable.

We departed the Gillis and were off to the island of Flores. In the direction of Labuan Bajo (Komodo National Park), we were in search of more amazing dive adventures packed full of Manta Rays, Sharks, as well the infamous Komodo Dragons. The diving in Komodo is one of the world's best place to see the big stuff. Boy, did we ever see some amazing underwater creatures. My favorite would have to be the massive Bamboo Shark I saw on my last dive. We were joined on one of the dive days by a local a non-profit organization called Manta Watch. It was amazing to learn more about this majestic specimen, please click the link to learn more.

While on the Island, I met my dearest new Dutch friend Sacha, we embarked on an amazing day-long trip to Komodo National Park, with stops on Prada Island, Pink Beach, and Komodo Island. Komodo Island isn’t what’s it’s all cracked up to be, personally the state of the island was not the most beautiful and the Dragons were not living amongst the healthiest conditions. Keep in mind if you’re going to base your trip here off of the dragons, your best is to see some at your local zoo, or wildlife center.

Our last stop of the trip would be back in Bali in Ubud. Which is home of the world-renowned Sacred Monkey Forest. This, on the other hand, I would recommend to any traveler, as it is a world-class facility and magical experience. We took an amazing Balinese cooking class, highlighted with a trip to the local market. The last days were spent chasing waterfalls and the rice terraces that Bali is very well known for.

All and all, the trip was amazing, I wish I could have seen some of the more remote parts of Indonesia that I will definitely go back for. Thank you to Britt and Ty for coming across the world for me and letting me follow you on this unforgettable adventure. Spending quality time with the ones you love most isn’t always the easiest while traveling abroad far away from home, but the lessons learned in Indo helped me so much in thinking as a team and become a stronger, non-independent traveler.

All my Love and Laughs.